Friday, May 8, 2009

AoNE @ Silvermine

Well, I have no idea how I got into that show. I didn't really expect it to be so exclusive. For the amount of entries I saw when I dropped off the work, a pretty select group made it. Mine was one of the only realistic works; the other paintings were largely abstract. So who knows what the juror was seeing, but I guess I can count myself fortunate.

Silvermine was nice enough to send all the artists a video of the juror going over the work, so everyone could hear why their piece was accepted, or why it wasn't. Part 3 of the video includes my work. Skip to 6:20.

I guess the guy didn't like my Home Depot door-moulding-and-gold-spray-paint frame, but whatever. I can't afford to actually frame my work.

Go see the show if you're in the area. Support your local artists.

1 comment:

  1. Good work is good work.

    A lot of the stuff in there was pretty abstract and/or contemporary. When the curator of Albright-Knox is one of the judges, I think you have to expect that to be the case. A lot of other realistic stuff might seem dated and out of place, but I don't think your work is.

    You have a beautifully and dramatically executed image that tells a story. Similar to the photos later on in the video, you've captured a moment that any point before or after would tell a completely different story and a less interesting one.

    You've mangaged to make the starting line of a D-III cross country race seem to be of great importance. (Is that Saratoga Springs State Park?) It has almost a Socialist Realism vibe, glorifying the student athlete, that I like.

    If I'm going to knit-pick, I don't think you made Dave fat enough. I'll have to see the frame in person