Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Another year, another e-mail rejection letter. I didn't get into the 52nd Society of Illustrators Annual. Frustrating.

4,600 entries and 418 accepted pieces, so it's not like I was expecting to get in. But every year, when I see the e-mail in my inbox from the Society, there's a brief moment when I hope for the best. Then I don't see the word "Congratulations," and I realize it's another rejection. It's like you have to be a big name to get in, but you can't become a big name unless you get in.

There's still the American Illustration Show and Spectrum to submit to. So I'll try again, but I could really do without all these entry fees ...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Impressive Illustrator

Wesley Burt.

Usually I'm pretty confident in my own drawing ability ... but guys like this make me pretty envious. Don't really know anything about him, and I've never met him.

But he's impressive, so take a gander through his galleries and blog. His drawings have a great feel: realistic but not enslaved to reality. I sometimes fall into that trap. But Wesley walks the line between fantasy and reality with amazing skill.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Quick note

Just a quick note. There will be more interesting things coming up after I finish the incoming projects, but until then ...

The current Magic card illustrations are turning out really well (knock on wood), and its partly because I'm using a smaller 11x14 canvas instead of the 18x24. There's less space to cover in paint, which saves time. Also, since it's a smaller canvas it's easier to imagine the image on the small format of the finished card.

I've also found a really cool brand of canvas. Even better, it's cheaper than the stuff I normally get. Yes! brand canvas is super smooth; almost like a thick paper. I apply one coat of gesso, sand down the bumps on the surface and presto: a smooth canvas with a hint of tooth. It soaks up paint more than normal canvas, but I think you also get a little more control because of it.

I'm looking forward to finishing these illustrations, then packing up my things and heading down to Philly for their Magic tournament ...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's been happening

The last week has been pretty busy, which is terrific. I got the new style guide from Magic, which, for those not aware, is the method by which they keep all their artists on the same page. It explains the theme for the game this year, with a ton of visual cues for style and flavor. But it's top secret so you can't know anything else. My sketches just got back from being approved, so after I stop typing here, its back to work.

While I was waiting on sketches I started a new portfolio piece (above). Nothing genius, but probably much needed to balance out all the fantasy images that are becoming the major part of the portfolio. Also, check out all the cool swag from the 'Brighton Beach Memoirs' Broadway show (below). They actually embroidered the street signs in my painting onto a basball cap. There's also a t-shirt, a poster, a magnet and a coffee mug (which I'm drinking out of right now).

And as a postscript to the whole Broadway Show adventure, I finally made it into the City to see the theater myself. Pretty darn cool.

I promise, I have no more Brighton Beach Memoirs images to post. That's it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Last day on Broadway

"My" show is closing its Broadway run. It's unfortunate, but I guess that's how the theatre biz operates. But before it closes, here are some shots of the outside of the Nederlander Theatre.