Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's been happening

The last week has been pretty busy, which is terrific. I got the new style guide from Magic, which, for those not aware, is the method by which they keep all their artists on the same page. It explains the theme for the game this year, with a ton of visual cues for style and flavor. But it's top secret so you can't know anything else. My sketches just got back from being approved, so after I stop typing here, its back to work.

While I was waiting on sketches I started a new portfolio piece (above). Nothing genius, but probably much needed to balance out all the fantasy images that are becoming the major part of the portfolio. Also, check out all the cool swag from the 'Brighton Beach Memoirs' Broadway show (below). They actually embroidered the street signs in my painting onto a basball cap. There's also a t-shirt, a poster, a magnet and a coffee mug (which I'm drinking out of right now).

And as a postscript to the whole Broadway Show adventure, I finally made it into the City to see the theater myself. Pretty darn cool.

I promise, I have no more Brighton Beach Memoirs images to post. That's it.


  1. Have you seen this other Brighton Beach Memoirs concept?

  2. Yeah, I guess the ad agency had Zina do a concept for them. Something didn't work out, so they hired me instead. They sent me that image to show what they had done previously. But they wanted a plain white background like the poster for the movie "My Girl."