Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Another year, another e-mail rejection letter. I didn't get into the 52nd Society of Illustrators Annual. Frustrating.

4,600 entries and 418 accepted pieces, so it's not like I was expecting to get in. But every year, when I see the e-mail in my inbox from the Society, there's a brief moment when I hope for the best. Then I don't see the word "Congratulations," and I realize it's another rejection. It's like you have to be a big name to get in, but you can't become a big name unless you get in.

There's still the American Illustration Show and Spectrum to submit to. So I'll try again, but I could really do without all these entry fees ...


  1. I feel your pain, I got 3 emails..thinking they wouldn't send 3 if I got rejected right? WRONG! Better luck next year!

  2. I'm another of the many rejects.

    Don't forget to claim those entry fees as a business expense when your doing your taxes.