Thursday, November 19, 2009

Quick note

Just a quick note. There will be more interesting things coming up after I finish the incoming projects, but until then ...

The current Magic card illustrations are turning out really well (knock on wood), and its partly because I'm using a smaller 11x14 canvas instead of the 18x24. There's less space to cover in paint, which saves time. Also, since it's a smaller canvas it's easier to imagine the image on the small format of the finished card.

I've also found a really cool brand of canvas. Even better, it's cheaper than the stuff I normally get. Yes! brand canvas is super smooth; almost like a thick paper. I apply one coat of gesso, sand down the bumps on the surface and presto: a smooth canvas with a hint of tooth. It soaks up paint more than normal canvas, but I think you also get a little more control because of it.

I'm looking forward to finishing these illustrations, then packing up my things and heading down to Philly for their Magic tournament ...

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