Friday, February 26, 2010

New book cover illustration!

My new project was completed two weeks ago: an illustration for the cover of a book to be published by Sourcebooks. My first real book cover. Here's how it went:

Started with my initial sketch. Printed it out and threw some paint on it to test the color I was thinking of using.

Made notations of the colors so I wouldn't forget the combinations when I actually started painting.

Photo reference came next, using props I either made or bought.

Drawing on the canvas.

Finished drawing.

Laid down the initial color layer, using the same colors as my test, but thinned with solvent. I use Gamsol, as it has the least amount of odor.

Started blocking in the face, using the established color, but in thicker applications. I like to start with the face since it sets the mood for the rest of the piece.

The pattern continued down the body; blocking in color in thin applications, then finishing off one area at a time.

With half the body done, I moved to the background. Since the top half of the body was going to blend into the background, I needed to establish both areas first so I could blend the two together on the lower half of his body.

The ground was next, followed by the feet. I then moved upwards to merge the two halves of his body.

Let it dry and varnished it. Photographed it and sent it off to the client. Click the image for a slightly larger view.

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  1. This is awesome! I love the background, and the intensity of that fur cloak thing around his face. Your work constantly amazes me.