Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Big-time reproduction for a big-time occasion

The piece I call Wind Spirits is the work that was accepted into Spectrum 17. I submitted it in the "Unpublished" category. None of my published work made it in this year.

The artists now need to submit high-res files. The files I create with my camera and lights are suitable for internet use and small prints, but for this occasion, I decided to get it right. Don Sigovich in Westport, Conn. does a phenomenal job of scanning and reproducing artwork. He does his best to match color and give his clients great prints. He's also a RIT grad. Here is the result of his process:

You can see that the resolution is pretty impressive. You can even see the canvas texture ...


  1. This looks really great!

    I like seeing the texture and brushstrokes up close.

    When does this go up on the walls at the Society of Illustrators?