Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mythic Rare

The world of Magic: The Gathering can be a random place. Artists generally have no clue whether their art will be used on a very powerful card or a relatively weak one. Army of the Damned is the first mythic rare card I have illustrated, meaning it's the most rare and generally the most powerful kind of card. A total surprise to me.

The assignment was to illustrate the inside wall of a cottage barricaded against a horde of zombies. The importance of the card clearly had to do with the many, many zombies, but the hardest part for me was to make a cottage wall compelling. Architecture, even a rundown cottage, is difficult for me to paint. Add in tons of arms and hands and the assignment becomes a big undertaking.

I don't have a larger image of the painting because I mailed it in before I could photograph it. Honestly though, I enjoy the art more on the card than I did in person.


  1. This kind of thing is always hard to hammer out. Focal points are virtually non-existent and it's all about getting the eye to move while giving the brain enough to chew on. I think you did a nice job. Not sure I'd have come up with something as compelling.

    One thing I do have to point out is that I've experienced your last sentiment quite a bit. There have been plenty of times that I've seen my work on the card and preferred it to the painting. There's something about the change of scale and context that really does certain paintings a huge favor, while seemingly ruining others.

    Everything I've seen from you on this upcoming block has been really nice. I look forward to all the other stuff I didn't get to see!

  2. Thanks Steve. This, Claustrophobia and two other upcoming cards from future sets are pieces that I consider ok, but the rest actually turned out pretty well. The last card I did for the block is definitely one of my favorite Magic paintings. But I used Phthalo blue on it, so who knows how it will reproduce!