Friday, February 13, 2009

Impressive Illustrator

Gregory Manchess is who I want to be when I grow up. Seriously, have you ever seen anything as cool as this painting? It's a rare ability to be able to make a painting as epic as a big-budget movie, but Manchess has it.

in 2005, I interviewed him over the phone as part of an assignment for all RIT Illustration seniors. As I recall, we talked for quite a while, and he didn't shy away from some personal subjects. He told me a little of his personal struggles, and the idea of him creating such grand paintings while truly suffering seemed as heroic as his work.

Two years later, I saw him demonstrate his process at the Society of Illustrators. Basically, he doesn't make mistakes. That's an overstatement, obviously, but most of his brush strokes are put down once. The finished product is created in one go. Look. Plan. Mix Paint. Plan Stroke. Brush to Canvas. Done.


  1. Ryan! I am honored by your comments. And it looks like you got the better color scan of the art, so thanks for showing that!

    You have defined a remarkably complex process with remarkably simple words....and nailed it, perfectly. That is the process EXACTLY for this approach to painting (and perhaps most others). It is a process of learning and practice. Learning to observe, learning to plan, learning to do. Then....years of doing.

    This is the way of creative expression since the beginning. Musicians, actors, writers....ALL have practiced their art, TRAINED in their art. Why is it that we artists are expected to be skilled from the first moment we attempt to put pencil to paper?

    But as the skilled creative person eventually understands from study: the complex becomes simplified, through experience.

    "Look. Plan. Mix Paint. Plan Stroke. Brush to Canvas. Done."

    Beautiful. Thanks for that observation...and edification!

    Keep going,

  2. Thanks Greg! Glad you could lend your thoughts. I'm always looking out for new Manchess art!