Saturday, February 14, 2009

Teaching today at Bob Boroski's School of Art, my alma mater, of sorts.

I recently looked through some of my early work from Bob's class, and boy, I don't know where I got the idea I could make a living doing art. Some of my paintings and drawings were really pitiful. Even the drawings that I thought were good at the time now look pretty weak. I'll have to post some, because they really are interesting. The ellipses are all off, the perspective is wrong.

Of course, I think the same thing about my work from college, so I suppose that's a sign of improvement (I hope). Time to go foster some artistic talent ...

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  1. I think looking at old work and cringing is part of the job description.

    It's nice to see that Bob is still having people draw the birdhouse, antique bottles and that silver vase with the scaly-looking handle. That brings back some memories.

    Bob is a really great teacher. I learned a lot in his drawing classes.