Monday, December 14, 2009

Philly Recap

Got back from Philadelphia last night. I spent most of the day on Sunday at the $5K Tournament. I finally had prints to sell and was signing more than just Plains and Convincing Mirage. Plenty of people were bringing their Grazing Gladehart or Sejiri Refuge by the table. I met artist Matt Stewart, and he shared some of his industry advice with me. Fortunately Matt was selling a lot of work, so I think I got some of his leftover traffic at times.

A bunch of people still don't know who the heck I am (understandably), which leads to some interesting questions. I brought three 18x24 original illustrations with me. On the corner of each canvas, I taped the card on which the illustration appears. One kid, maybe 12 years old, came by the table and looked at the paintings. He asked something like, "Do they send you the picture on the card so you know how to paint it?" He thought I was painting and selling large reproductions of card illustrations, not that my illustrations appeared on the card. I thought it was funny.

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