Friday, September 10, 2010

Myr Token

I found the following image on the Magic: The Gathering site. It's a diagram illustrating a certain card mechanic:

With a little rotation and a crop ...

It appears to be one of the new token cards for Scars of Mirrodin! When a Houston GP attendee back in February asked if I knew what a Myr looked like and if I could draw one, I smiled to myself. Little did he know that I had recently painted this image.


  1. a question about this card: if I had, in addition to Battlesphere Myr and 4 token 2 Myr Galvanizer also, thanks to which I could untap and tap to infinity, as do X damage to defending player, I would have won for infinite damages ... no? can be a combo like that?

    (Attack with Battlesphere, tap 4 tokens, tap 1 Galvanizer to Stap other Myrs, tap 4 tokens, tap the other Galvanizer to stap other myrs -the first galvanizer too- and do the same infinite times,i'll add +X(infinitE)/+0 to the Sphere and do X (infinite) damages to the other player...)

  2. Sorry Anonymous, I really have no idea. I'm not involved with the actual rules of the game ... I don't design the function and I'm not a judge.

    I just paint the pictures.

    Thanks for visiting though!