Friday, January 28, 2011

Vedalken Infuser

This new Magic card had no concept from the art director, other than, "paint me a cool Vedalken of your design." This is great for an artist to hear and I think in this piece I did what I had hoped to accomplish. I just wish I had planned out a stunning background, but at the time I wanted to simplify for some reason. That said, it's still the best of my recent work and the only one I will post to my site.

I provided a detail to show you what I was most proud of. Whether by the grace of the art gods or by luck, I was able to maintain the transparency of the shadows. I love this effect, but can rarely achieve it. The opaque illuminated head merges quite nicely with the brushstroke-y transparent shadows.


  1. Ryan - this is a fabulous piece and I totally agree with your initial instinct to keep it simple.

    Well done sir !

  2. Yeah, I think I saw that piece when I was in Seattle. It's pretty sweet. Especially in person.

  3. Thanks guys. And just as a postscript, the head was made of sculpey, the arms are mine and everything else was improv.

  4. If you reconsider about posting other Mirrodin Besieged work to your site, may I suggest the art for Creeping Corrosion? I think it's gorgeous, and it may turn out to be the "prestige card" you've been seeking for a while--even if it doesn't happen for another eight months or so.