Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Marathon Training: First 20 miler

I'm too tired to write anything good, and I have to get to the studio. Since it was a zillion degrees and a zillion percent humidity last night, I decided to put off this year's first 20-miler until this morning. Good move, but didn't make it any less painful. At the end, I had veins popping out of new places on my legs (Did you know you have veins on your kneecap?). Here's the map of where I ran. Still raising money for ALSa, and fundraising is going very well!


  1. You're a stronger man than I am.

    I don't think I've ever run past my home only to go do another 6 miles, especially when the thermometer and humidity are around 90.

    The last long run I did like this I opted to run out to a certain point and take the subway home. Of course it felt like my foot was going to fall off at the end of it so returning home on foot was out of the question.

  2. I need to practice taking in gels and fluids, and as I refuse to wear a fluid belt, I have to stash bottles in my and other's mailboxes. I have a friend at around the 4 and 10 mile mark, and I hit my house at 14, so it works well. Still, it is tough leaving home a second time.

  3. I just carry my water. Depending upon how much I need, I'll use a hydration pack (hot and sweaty, usually only on trails when I'll be out for 3 or 4 hours or its the middle of the winter and I want the warm water on my back to keep me from getting cold) or I'll use a handheld water bottle. I have a gray version of this one from Nathan:

    I also find repeating loops easier on trails than when I'm starting from home, mostly because I just love running in the woods and hate running on roads.