Thursday, August 13, 2009

Three Year Improvement

Well, here it is: The New York Times ad. Serino Coyne did a great job with the design, and the art came off pretty well on newsprint. (You can click the image to see the ad closer; my credit is down in the lower right corner running vertical, as most illustration credits are.)

In addition, has the illustration splashed all over it, which is pretty cool.

My dad has a print of the ad tacked up to the door of his office. By contrast, hanging on the door to my studio is my first published piece. In March 2006, I illustrated a monthly article, Mary's Farm, in Yankee Magazine. I still think its a pretty good concept and fairly well done.

It was done before I learned to use oils. Before I started painting on a large scale. Before I figured out what brand of paints work best. Before I figured out how to prepare a canvas, how to varnish a finished painting, and how to photograph work. Before I bought a camera, lights and a printer.

It's been a long journey in three short years. Yankee Magazine to the New York Times.

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