Sunday, August 16, 2009

Usain Bolt is not human.

9.58. It took 30 years to get from 10.00 seconds to sub-9.90 seconds. It took 1 year to go from 9.70 to sub-9.60. It's the biggest drop in the 100m WR since electronic timing was introduced. Simply, without question, the greatest sprinter in human history. And P.S. Tyson Gay ran an amazing American Record 9.71.


  1. You seem to forget that he purposefully didn't set the mark as low as he could last year. Many more opportunities to break the record if you don't give it your best at the outset...he's capable of going even faster, I think.

  2. Well, I doubt the celebration of winning the Olympics was purposeful. I see your point, but I don't think it entered his mind to slow down so he can break the WR again later.

    Even still, HAD he run to his potential in Beijing and ran a 9.58 (or something) it would have been a drop from a 9.72. This still would be inhuman and the biggest jump in 100m WR times. The fact that he has run 9.69 and 9.58 in two successive years, not in one really fast race, backs up my declaration of Bolt as "the greatest sprinter in human history."