Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marathon Mini-Recap

3:18:22 ... not exactly the time I wanted to run. Something went wrong with either my pre-race preparation or my diet during the race. I developed a painful cramp in my side around 10 or 11 miles (which has never happened in training), so I was running in pain for a while. By 15 miles, I had the cramp under control, but my legs were shot. By 19.5 miles, I was walking. I ran/jogged until 25, when I could not run at all. I staggered the last mile and shuffled to the finish.

But I finished. The friends I was running with ended up running 2:53 and 2:55, so they had good races. Another one of my former teammates ran 2:33.

Another race and another learning experience. I'll probably take my fitness from marathon training and do a fast 5K in a couple weeks. But not now. Right now my legs feel like rocks.

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