Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Event

Attention! Attention! I'll be attending another Magic: The Gathering Event on December 13th: $5k Tournament Series - Philadelphia. Along with fellow guest artist Matt Stewart, I'll be signing cards, doing sketches, showing original art and SELLING PRINTS (!!). Yes, a couple of people requested prints and I'll finally have them available. I'll have at least two 13x19 prints of each card that's been released so far.

So if you're in the Philly area on December 13th, stop by the Pennsylvania Convention Center and say hello.


  1. Yes! My buddy and I met you in Boston and loved your sketches. We've been looking forward to more and you're way closer to home this time. Can't wait!

  2. Yeah, no problem! I've been looking forward to completing your series of sketches at some point. Should be a good opportunity, as it will be less busy than GP Boston.