Thursday, January 28, 2010

Worldwake 3

In preparation of my trip to the Houston Regional Worldwake Pre-Release, I uploaded the full size images of the three Worldwake images. Click the appropriate link to see the largest size.

Full Size Nemesis Trap
Full Size Crusher Zendikon
LinkLinkFull Size Khalni Garden

...and over at, you can put together a puzzle of Nemesis Trap. You can collect the free wallpaper after you're done (Or, just click the link above).



  1. You're really getting into it. Keep up the good work. Nemesis trap will be rather popular, make sure you have enough proofs!


  2. I can't help but admire all of them, but I think I like Khalni Garden best - the colour is so rich, and I love how busy the composition is, the whole picture really pulls you in and makes you witness the rampant, uninhibited, awe-inspiring plantlife.

    Have fun at the Prerelease!