Thursday, January 21, 2010


Magic: The Gathering's new card set, Worldwake, is about a week away from being released. As always, the Magic website is showing the cards one by one. And look here:
Wasn't crazy about this illustration when I shipped it out last Spring. But it looks really cool on the card, so I'm pleased. Another one of my cards will be previewed next week, so stay tuned ...

EDIT: Maybe someone who plays Magic can tell me; So if it's a land and a beast, can you tap a land and enchant the tapped land? Can this thing power itself?


  1. I'm really loving this one, the orange-red flame looks stunning against all the brownish hues, coming out of that thing's maw; the background seems really good too, I'd love to see it bigger (preferably wallpaper-sized). ;)

    In response to your question, yes, you can enchant a land that was tapped for mana to play it - but then you wouldn't be able to attack with the Beast until the next turn (the Beast land will be tapped, and tapped creatures can't attack)!

    So it might be preferable to wait until you have four lands - tap three to pay for its cost, and cast this on the fourth untapped one - that way you can surprise the opponent with a (not-so-)nice attacking 4/2 trampling Beastie. :)

    Can't wait to see what next week delivers! :D

  2. Thanks! Understood.

    Large version of this piece will be uploaded to my website in early Febuary, after Worldwake is officially released.