Monday, April 6, 2009

Doing what I love since 1989.

These works of original art date back to 1989: kindergarten. If five year old Ryan knew that adult Ryan was getting paid (most of the time) to draw and paint many of the same images, we probably would have given each other a high five. Click for larger images.

Please note that the T-Rex skeleton in the museum has eaten the man's hat and now it rests in what I must have thought to be a fossilized stomach.

Also note the complex expression of the scuba diver. He knows he's screwed. Even without the aid of facial features, the subject conveys the thought, "Why did I just put my hand in this shark's mouth?" He faces the viewer as if looking for help he knows won't arrive in time.

And finally, the cowboy isn't going anywhere, because he's hopped on a spring horse. He's as stationary as the cactus beside him. Yee-haw.


  1. best blog post ever! i love little kid drawings, especially of artists who turn out to be something.

    i aspire to create a few cards for magic one day, but ive got to hone my skills a bit.