Friday, April 3, 2009

26.2 or bust

Yes, I've signed up for another marathon. Or, the semi-annual-see-how-far-I-can-run- before-my-legs-give-out race. In 2006, I got to mile 18 at 6:05 per mile pace, and walked the rest with my friend Bobbo. In 2007, I got to mile 20 at 6:20/mi. pace and made a very lonely 6 mile walk. In 2009, can I make it the whole way? Maybe with my sister in the race, I'll have some inspiration to keep going.

I figure if I actually take in some carbs and protein along the way, I should be fine. So more than training my legs this summer, I'll be teaching myself to take in gels and fluids while running.

I'm going to revert to my 2006 training plan, which topped out at 85 miles a week. In 2007, I joined the Century Club, running 100 miles in a week. But come race time, I was in no better shape than I had been the previous year. So here we go ... Marine Corps Marathon 2009.

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